Saturday, June 02, 2012

Birthday Blog Candy

Good evening followers and how nice it is to have you all visit me. :)

Now i have been tempting you with a birthday blog candy now for a few days well today is the day!!!!

I shall leave this post on for 10 days so you have until 2nd June to leave me a lovely little message..

So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this candy ???

Firstly *** Put a post on your blog telling your friends about my blog and the candy i have up for grabs
(you don't have to add the piccie if you don't want to)

Secondly***Be a follower of my blog

and finally*** leave me a little comment letting me know you have looked at something else on my blog other than the candy.

Hope this is ok with you all and that you will help me to get my followers up to the grand total of 100 - now should that total get to 120 i shall increase the blog candy to 2 lots of crafty goodness.

Right then off we go...................................................


  1. Hi Sylvia lovely candy on offer would love the chance to win! I've mentioned your blog on mine ( although it's just the trimcraft one hope that is ok). Had a little look at your great blog I particularly like your decopatch project It's not something I've ever tried but I think I'd like to give it a go. Good luck on getting your 100 followers.

  2. Hi Sylvia
    What lovely birthday candy....thank you for the chance to win it!!! I think Elke will love her birthday 'card' is absolutely super and very thoughtful.....something good to keep for the year and after to look back on and see what she did when she was 50!!
    Upto 95 now...not many to go!! Good luck!!!

  3. Hi Sylvia
    What lovely birthday candy...thank you for the chance to win it!! The birthday 'card' for Elke is absolutely super and very thoughtful.....a lovely thing to keep through the year and to look back on and see what she did when she was 50!!!!
    Upto 95 followers....only a few to go!!!
    Take care
    Jackie x

  4. Silvia Ive become a follower ha ha Mentioned you on my Blog ha ha and WOWIE What a super dooper book you have made for Elke!! Its a fantastic Idea!! Wish I had of got one for my 50th... (shhhh).... lol... Its made superbly!!! and What a treasure keepsake it will become... Annette