Saturday, July 02, 2011


huge enormous apologies for not being around this week, been one of those when time just seems to fly by. It seems as though i have not had a minute to myself, until today and then just as i started to enjoy the peace and quiet my eldest daughter turned up. We decided over a cup of tea to pop over to Byrkely Garden Centre and what do you think they have there...well yes a craft shop and a very good one too. We also had a cream tea for 2 and it was absolutely delicious. We did both buy some plants for our gardens and i even bought a couple of Christmas presents!!!!

Tomorrow i am off to Trimcraft for a bit of a shopping spree with my friend Elke and then i shall show you some of the lovely cards i have made recently.

One final thing i need to let you know about...hello is anyone still with at "Creative Craft Challenges" we have had major problems with the challenge blog. At 1st we thought Mr Blogger was being a silly billy but now we are not so sure, maybe a low-life with nothing better to do but whatever ALL our posts since February 2010 have been deleted and that's a lot!!!!!! Not only is it all the DT's fabby work gone there is also all the great projects that the followers have taken time and trouble to produce.

Sandra one of the DT members is in the middle of creating another blog and hopefully this will be up and running very shortly, but until then please don't you forget about us by Simple Minds . Once the new blog is up and running i will let you all know

Until tomorrow

nite nite followers

Sylvia x


  1. Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and I would be very grateful if you could let me know when the new blog is formed. Such a dreadful thing to happen and I hope you soon get it sorted. Judy x

  2. Cant wait to see some of your creations Sylvia. Gonna get ready in a bit to meet you at Trimmie to get some stock for ........!! See you soon. XX